Telangana is not just KCR family: Pawan Kalyan

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan

Telangana is not just a KCR family, it’s all of us, said Pawan Kalyan, who is Janasena leader and top Tollywood actor.

He said he did not enter politics as an actor but as a common man seeking state’s welfare and development. “The lessons that I studied in my school days about Telangana struggle is the inspiration behind my move,” reiterated the actor, addressing the voters in Telangana on Tuesday.

“Telangana has given rebirth to me. Its not important who got us Telanagana but it’s important how well we can develop Telangana,”  he said.

Politics means not passing on the hereditary power to son, daughter or son-in-law, he reminded.  “I like  Telangana , I love Telangana, I went around Telanaga region, heard people’s difficulties and their woes, ” said Pawan Kalyan. “Janaseva gives equal importance and fair justice to all castes and religions. Finally, people should think wisely and vote for those who can provide development in the country,” he added.


  1. ComeOn Pawan Kalyan..Telugu Film Industry means not passing on the hereditary power to son, daughter or son-in-law or Brother which your family is doing it for the past 40 years. Even common man like me wants to enter in politics but cannot because of Family Politics hereditary.

  2. The new communal face of Telengana, This person was ignored by Congress, got well paid by BJP, now wants to change the history by supporting communal faces in India.

  3. stop it damn actors who spoiled education, lives of many families still youth is getting blamed with these type of peoples.

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