Technogym Launches World”s First Google Glass Controlled Treadmill

Wearable smart-computer has oncorporated the next stage in computing with Google Glass and a new treadmill launched by Technologym is one of the world’s first Google glass controlled treadmill.

Branded as ‘Artis’, the treadmill uses avant-garde technology designed by Technogym for the fitness connoisseurs of the future, allows the Glass wearer to control the speed of the treadmill using voice commands. They can also see running data on their headset and communicate with a personal trainer via a webcam, claims the company.

With UNITY technology, the first android-based console display platform for cardio training equipment, Technogym’s Artis is open to Google glass along with other applications. The features are designed to provide each user with a fully personalized experience on their personal training program, data and favorite entertainment options, said the firm.

UNITY is the first console in the fitness industry that offers users the ability to communicate with their personal trainer or friends via webcam enabling any Google glass user to experience real time one-on-one communication along with experiencing the bliss of running outdoors.

When users log into Unity, all of their performance data is fed back to a cloud computing platform called mywellness cloud, allowing them to keep track of their progress over time.

UNITY is part of “Wellness on the Go” that allows users to engage and connect with others on any piece of Technogym equipment, anywhere in the world with the mywellnesscloud platform, said the company.

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