Tatkal Tickets on 80 Trains to Cost Fortune From Today as Dynamic Pricing Sets Off

IRCTC TatkalBased on the dynamic air fare followed by many Indian airliners, the Indian Railways has introduced it for 80 trains starting from today, October 3, 2014, in order help offset the cash-strapped state-owned enterprise to make it even. It applies to Delhi bound and Bangalore bound trains from Secunderabad, Hyderabad or Kacheguda.

This will affect the passengers travelling on the Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express at the last minute or in 80 key trains as the dynamic fare system will make the cost more if there is more demand. But so far IRCTC has announced only 35 trains under the scheme and more will be added later. (To see the list, click HERE)

The new system will affect half of the tatkal tickets on all these 80 trains from Friday, with the Festival season peaking across the country. “The scheme has been launched to deal with the problem of touts. There were reports of genuine passengers being fleeced by touts. This will help facilitating needy passengers to get tickets,” a senior Railway Ministry official told the media.

Known as the ‘Premium Tatkal Ticket’, the scheme will be available on Internet or online only. Railway Board Member (Traffic) D P Pandey said, “All zones have been asked to identify five popular trains in their respective zone. We will see the response and then we will decide on extending the scheme to other trains.”

As is the practice in the last 30 years, the price hike has been attributed as a preventive step to deal with the menace of touts, which is almost decimated in the last five years after the online reservation. Yet, the Railways wanted to bring forth the problem to defend its move to charge more for those in need. “There were reports of genuine passengers being fleeced by touts. This will help facilitating needy passengers to get tickets,” the official said.

But the problems of Railways in India are self-created and its archaic set up has failed to catch up early with the population explosion that was the bane of the country’s travel mode due to its vast stretch of area and fast-growing urbanization.

So far, the Northern Railway has identified five trains — Saptakranti Express, two Mumbai-bound Rajdhani trains and Vaishali Express to implement Premium Tatkal scheme. Other trains identified so far include Hyderabad-New Delhi Andhra Pradesh Express, Hyderabad-Hazrat Nizamuddin Dakshin Express, Secunderabad-Howrah Falaknuma Express, Kacheguda-Bangalore Express and Secunderabad-Patna Express.

The Tatkal Scheme, which charges Rs.300 more per ticket to be booked after standing in a queue a day before, with online almost unavailable has been serving around 1.71 lakh seats, out of the 11.57 lakh available, according to the latest Railways figures. The revenue from the Tatkal scheme is more than Rs.1,000 crore last year, when it increased the tatkal fare in April by 10 % of the basic fare for reserved second class sitting and 30 % of basic fare for all other classes.

Three months ago, the BJP-led NDA government too increased all train fares by 14.2 %. Now with the Premium Tatkal system, it hopes to earn few more thousands of crores to offset the maintenance cost of other trains in non-business regions.

Salient Features of Premium Tatkal (PT) Quota booking on Dynamic Pricing:

New quota as Premium Tatkal (PT) Quota is being introduced by Railway with dynamic fare pricing.

Dynamic fare stands for the fare component which may be increased with the subsequent bookings.

Opening days booking to be allowed on/after 10:00 hrs.

Advance Reservation Period (ARP) of Premium Tatkal ticket booking is same as Tatkal ticket booking.

Agents will not be allowed to book tickets in this quota.

Dynamic fare shall be charged for confirm passengers.

RAC/ Waitlist Ticket Booking is not allowed.

Only E-tickets will be permitted for booking.

I-ticket Booking is not allowed with this Quota.

No concession shall be applicable in this Quota.

Child passenger will be charged with full fare.

Identity card number of the prescribed proof of identity is required at the time of booking. At least one passenger should travel with his/her ID card in original which was used at the time of booking.

No refund is given to passengers in case of cancellation of confirm PT quota ticket.

All rules for tatkal quota booking over internet is applicable to Premium Tatkal quota also.


  1. What’s up colleagues, how is the whole thing, and what
    you want to say about this article, in my view its truly awesome in favor of me.

  2. We understand that there is NO FREE LUNCH & we people of India are paying already for the ticket, then why an addition or dynamic pricing whereas services remains the same. Its totally not justified. Railways should come with ways to cut down cost such as effective utilization of present services, exposing fake ticket gangs,building a system where nobody travels without ticket, etc..


    This is nothing but looting public unconstitutionally. Being treated as a Government machinery, this Railways has to make all travels by train cost effective and customer beneficial. Misusing the opportunity is nothing robbing passengers for its inefficiency.

  4. Growing monopoly in rail sector induces rail fare hike in an indirect way. Instead of availing opportunity of growing population preferring rail journey and providing maximum additional trains in all routes, retaining the existing service and pressurizing the mass to perform the journey in packed trains is a massive injustice.Why they retain the rail sector in the Government. Let it be privatized so that the incumbents will provide all facilities to the public and Govt. may retain the whip in his hand.

  5. Not sure I understand the point the author is getting at. Granted that some of the problems of the Railways have been self created, but over 90% of its financial woes can be directly traced to economically imbecile politicians who have ground it to it current state.

    Would you rather the railways go bankrupt or should it try innovative ways of raising revenue. For people who want cheap tickets can book so up to 60 days in advance. No one is forcing anyone to book tatkal tickets. For some reason if an emergency is there, I am sure most people would be prepared to pay a higher rate. For some others who have chosen to book tatkal as their normal way of booking tickets please shell out more. I would be happy if 100% of tatkal tickets are based on dynamic pricing.

    Sure there are other inefficiencies in the operational performance of railways. But facing financial ruin is not the best way to address those inefficiencies.

    What we all (including the author) need to get out of is this entitlement mentality where we feel that the railways and other public utilities are there to give us free or cheap highly subsidised services. Please understand that there is NO FREE LUNCH.

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