Tamil Nadu Politics: DMK to Decide Who’s AIADMK Leader Now

In a strange coincidence, the opposition DMK will decide who should govern the state of Tamil Nadu as O. Panneerselvam has no clear majority unless there are massive change of hearts among he partyment.

Following the Supreme Court verdict that sentenced Sasikala to four years jail, the AIADMK general secretary sacked Panneerselvam from primary membership and sent Edapadi K Palanisamy as CM candidate or AIADMK legislature leader, making it difficult for OPS to overcome the challenge.

Palaniswamy or the Sasikala camp has about 125 AIADMK MLAs who were at the Golden Bay Resort in Kuvathur and OPS may force evacuate them to gain support of as many of them as possible for a likely floor test to be decided by Governor today.

Even if OPS manages to get half the number, he may not get comfortable majority on the floor of the house which has DMK with 89 seats and Congress with 8 seats while IUML has one seat. the Tamil Nadu assembly has 235 seats and one is vacant after the demise of late CM J.Jayalalithaa.

So, the arithmatics require at least 117 votes for OPS and unless DMK overtly or covertly supports, OPS cannot get elected leader of the floor. Secondly, with Palanisamy gaining more than 50 votes also may dent the chances of OPS to become CM. Since OPS has been portrayed as BJP favourite, Congress and DMK should reconsider the possibility of a non-controversial candidate and that could be Palanisamy.

Earlier in the day, both Judges of Supreme court upheld the sessions court’s verdict and quashed Karnataka High Court verdict in the DA case, which means Sasikala has to surrender immediately, and also she stands disqualified to contest in elections for 10 years.

The case, filed by Subramaniam Swamy two decades ago, has finally saw the closure of curtains. The DA case pertains to property acquired by late CM J Jayalalithaa, Sasikala, Sasikala’s sister-in-law Ilavarasi and Sasikala’s nephew V N Sudhakaran, amounting to Rs 66.65 crore.

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