Taliban suicide squad attacks Afghan parliament, all killed

Afghan-parliamentThe Afghan parliament has been attacked by the Taliban rebels on Monday, first by a suicide car bomber gatecrashing at the entrance and then followed by six gunmen who entered the building, throwing bombs and other explosion which shattered the windows and many lawmakers fled in panic.

However, all the six gunmen were killed and no member of parliament was injured or killed, said Afghanistan Interior Ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi.

When they were driven out of the building, they entered a nearby building under constructed and continued the firing for some time before they were surrounded and killed, explained the spokesman. In all, 18 civilians were injured in the attack, including two women and two children, said health ministry spokesman.

Taliban insurgents have been gaining an upper hand in Kabul of late and have captured two northern districts of Kunduz province, according to Mohammad Yusuf Ayubi, head of the provincial council.

A day before the attack on parliament, the taliban seized the Chardara district in Kunduz. In April, they had nearly captured the city of Kabul before the army pushed them back. The attacks have been on the rise since the US and NATO forces withdrew from Afghanistan last year.



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