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Taliban Leader Mullah Mohammed Omar Died 2 Years Ago, Confirm Afghan Officials

Photo of Mullah Omar

Mullah Omar

Mullah Mohammed Omar, the leader of the Afghan Taliban has died, reported BBC on Wednesday quoting Afghan officials. But the militant group is yet to comment on the claim.

The Taliban leader, seen in pictures with a shrapnel wound to the right eye, died two to three years ago and not recently, said the report quoting Afghan government and intelligence sources, without giving further details were released.

The US has $10 million bounty on his head following his association with Osama-bin-laden and plotting the 9/11 attacks on New York.

There have been several reports of Mullah Omar’s death in the past. However, a Taliban spokesman contacted by the BBC said that the group would issue a statement shortly.

Mullah Omar led the Taliban to seize power defeating several rivals and the Russian-backed government in the civil war that kept the tribes on warpath almost persistently.

The US State Department describes Mullah Omar as the most wanted person. “Mullah Omar’s Taliban regime in Afghanistan sheltered Osama bin-Laden and his al-Qa’ida network in the years prior to the September 11 attacks.¬†Although Operation Enduring Freedom removed the Taliban regime from power, Mullah Omar remains at large and represents a continuing threat to America and her allies,” it says with a caption that announces up to $10 million on his head.

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