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Ebola Scare: New Online 3D Tool Developed to Help Researchers Develop Vaccines

Johns Hopkins biomedical engineers have developed a free, Internet tool that could speed up the creation of new drugs to treat Ebola virus infections and take preventive steps as well. The software, called MuPIT Ebola Edition, enables a researcher to visualize Ebola gene mutations with 3-D protein structures, offers views of anti-body binding sites or epitopes on protein surfaces. These ...

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Ebola Outbreak? Treatment Methods Ponder ZMapp, Tekimira, Plasma Transfer

ZMapp, a cocktail experimental treatment created by Mapp Biopharmaceutical and LeafBio to fight the deadly fast-spreading deadly virus Ebola, is still in clinical stage and currently only two volunteering aid workers are undergoing the treatment, which is based on injecting the tobacco plants with the virus and extracting the antibodies generated by the plansts, that too in Australia. Otherwise, the ...

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