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International Day of Yoga: PM Kicks Off Mass Yoga at Lucknow

international day of yoga

On the occasion of International Day of Yoga on Wednesday, June 21, 2017, the Prime Minister participated in a mass Yoga demonstration event in Lucknow where thousands of people gathered at the Ramabai Ambedkar Maidan despite continuous rain in the city. Addressing them, Prime Minister Narendra Modi conveyed his greetings from Lucknow to all those joining the Yoga Day celebrations ...

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Will Yoga Answer India’s Chronic Constipation Problem?

As India heralds the massive participation in International Yoga Day on Sunday, leaving aside protesting voices on religious tones,¬†focus is on its merits, especially what it can do to answer the country’s chronic constipation problem. A recent survey revealed that 14% of Indians suffer from constipation and the film PIKU by Amitabh Bachchan was able to highlight the¬†subtle problem many ...

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