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Rumour: Silent Hills Game to be Xbox One Exclusive, Microsoft in Talks with Konami

Here’s an interesting rumour surfaced in the gaming world: Silent Hills, the cancelled survivor horror video game, will be available on Xbox One at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. We should tell you that this is just a rumour and no official word has been heard so far. YouTube channel The Know stated citing an anonymous source within Microsoft confirmed ...

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Lizard Squad ? Who are they? Pro-US Hackers ?

Lizard Squad that was behind cyber attacks on sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox is back again this time not on video console makers but on Lenovo for wilfully compromising its Lenovo laptop users to “Superfish” add-on that makes the system vulnerable to steaing encrypted information. The squad consisting of 7 members is a black hat hacking group, known for their ...

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Windows 10 Launch: What to Expect Today?

Microsoft will unveil its official Windows 10 amid hue and cry from competitors over certain features but the event will finally spell-bound all as it spells a major shift from erstwhile PC-centric computing to both PC and mobile-compliant versions. Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters will be watched not only by enterprise customers but also numerous mobile makers all over the world for ...

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