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Metal foam capable of shielding from Nuclear radiation found

Research from North Carolina State University devised lightweight composite metal foams which can effectively block X-rays, gamma rays and neutron radiation by absorbing the nuclear radiation and energy that can provide clues to make bunkers and vests to safeguard from future nuclear attacks. Useful and most sought-after for use in nuclear safety, space exploration and medical technology applications, the lightweight high-Z foam ...

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Osteoporosis Affects Male Smokers Too, Not Merely Female Disease: New Study

Osteoporosis, a bone disease, found mostly in women is likely to affect smoking males too, said a study done on middle-aged to elderly smokers, which may effectively reverse the current US guidelines that do not prescribe osteoporosis screening for men. The study found that smoking history and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) were the two major risk factors for low ...

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