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Changing food habits behind rise in bowel diseases among kids: Study

Blaming it on modern changing food habits from organic food to processed food, a new study has said that it is resulting in rise in inflammatory bowel disease in children in India, sending a warning against the mushrooming fast food chains. The multi-centric study shows that out of 221 children, 42 percent suffered from Ulcerative Colitis, which involves the large ...

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World Health Day: Researchers Find Graphene can Sniff out Deadly Food Toxins

By Sahana Ghosh  Could wonder material graphene – the thinnest on earth and 200 times stronger than steel – help solve India’s food safety woes linked to storage and transportation? Scientists may have inched closer to an answer. Graphene is the new buzzword in the global electronics industry and scientists at the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST) ...

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World Health Day: Regular exercise can keep lifestyle diseases away

As the World Health Day is observed on April 7, focus is on cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis, which Indians face burdened with a slew of lifestyle diseases. But instead of expensive medication and therapy, the cure lies in making exercise a compulsory part of everyday life, health experts say. “Indians are increasingly leading a sedentary and machine-dependent life, which ...

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