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Scientists edge closer to finding human HIV vaccine

New research by scientists shows that orderly immunizations adapted with different phases of immune responses could be the key to a HIV vaccine. The researcher’s 25-year-old aim was to design a vaccine that would prompt the body to generate antibodies that would in return attach themselves to the HIV virus and fight them, preventing infection. Scientists at The Rockefeller University, ...

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World Lung Foundation Asks Indian Govt to go for Large Graphic ads on Tobacco

The US-based World Lung Foundation has asked the Indian government not buckle under tobacco industry lobby and implement large graphic health warnings on cigarette and tobacco packs immediately in view of Sunita’s revelations. Sunita Tomar, who underwent major surgery for oral cancer came out against tobacco in a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to help prevent others from suffering similar fate. ...

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Ebola Outbreak? Treatment Methods Ponder ZMapp, Tekimira, Plasma Transfer

ZMapp, a cocktail experimental treatment created by Mapp Biopharmaceutical and LeafBio to fight the deadly fast-spreading deadly virus Ebola, is still in clinical stage and currently only two volunteering aid workers are undergoing the treatment, which is based on injecting the tobacco plants with the virus and extracting the antibodies generated by the plansts, that too in Australia. Otherwise, the ...

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