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From Banks of Rupnarayan to Shores of Ganga, Waterways Cargo Kicks Off

Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) ship MV V. V. Giri heralded a landmark pilot movement on April 23rd 2017 from Kolaghat in East Midnapore district of West Bengal to Bhagalpur in Bihar with a cement consignment of 240 tonnes on saturday. The vessel’s journey commenced from Kolaghat on Rupnarayan river (National Waterway- 86) to reach Bhagalpur via river Ganga ...

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2 World Bank Surveys Show Large Banks Triggering Financial Exclusion

Two World Bank surveys confirm that large global banks are restricting or terminating relationships with other financial institutions and that banking services for money-transfer operators have become increasingly limited, leading to financial exclusion at a time when the financial inclusion was the buzzword world over. The surveys, carried out from April to October 2015, sought to gauge whether large banks ...

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