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Earth Crust’s Abundant Mineral of 38% Named 50 Years Later, Successfully; Why the Delay?

It took more than five decades for a known earth mineral to be named finally as bridgmanite, after Nobel laureature Percy Bridgman. The mineral found earth’s crust makes up 38 percent of the Earth. The delay was thanks to rigid International Mineralogical Association rule that minerals can only be named and classified once they’ve been analysed in their natural state. ...

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Ebola Saga Continues: WHO Hopes Vaccine by 2015 but Scientists Say 5 More Years Needed

The Ebola crisis is unlikely to die down as the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed on Wednesday that 13,703 people have been infected since March, while vaccine front shows that it will be delayed by 5 more years, according to an Israel scientist. WHO said 13,676 cases were reported from three West African countries– 6,535 cases were registered in Liberia, ...

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