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Bandh Tomorrow by Vehicles to Stifle City Life, Rural Transportation

All India Road Transport Workers’ (AIRTW) Federations have come together against the Centre’s Road Trasnport and Safety Bill 2014 that they claim will stifle their operations with more teeth to the enforment authorities and siphon off state transport authorities’ powers. The nation-wide bandh tomorrow (Thursday, April 30, 2015) was called by the workers of public transport corporations and private buses, ...

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Study finds high levels of equality for Muslim women in Canada

A landmark study on gender equality among religious minorities in Canada sharply disputes the stereotype Muslim women are more repressed by men than other groups of immigrants. Sharia law, burqas, honour killings and overseas terrorism directed at girls and women grab headlines and shape public opinion, but workforce participation rates among immigrants suggests a trend toward high levels of equality ...

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Why Some Superagers Have Sharp Memory Power?

Some “superagers” or people aged 80 and above, have sharper memories or as sharp as those of healthy people with a unique brain signature, finds a research. The team from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine found that brains of 80-year-old superagers look 30 years younger, revealing why the memories of these cognitively elite elders do not suffer the usual ...

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