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Kabali Video Leaked Ahead of Release?

Several videos are being circulated on online showing few minutes of scenes from Kabali featuring Rajanikanth, slated for official release today in theatres all over the world. A two minute video shows Rajnikanth released from a Malaysian prison, which it claimed was an opening scene of Kabali for those vying for the movie eagerly this morning. It is also said ...

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WhatsApp Free Voice Calling Feature Available on 2G, 3G, Mobile Internet Plans

WhatsApp voice calling feature is now opened to all users and fans ending one-year of beta testing and raising enthusiasm among the fans of the most-successful app in social media sphere now, owned by the Facebook. However, users of WhatsApp should first download the updated version 2.12.5 from Google Play or from the WhatsApp official website. Click Play Store 2.11.528 or download the ...

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