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India Blocks 857 Porn Websites; Clamour for Personal Liberty in Focus

Internet users in India were outraged as the news spread that multiple pornographic websites have been blocked by the government unilaterally without any debate or discussion. Telecom operators and internet service providers (ISPs) have reportedly been asked by the government of India to block 857 pornographic websites after the Supreme Court declined to pass an interim order to ban pornography websites ...

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ICANN, Global Web Depository, Hacked; Websites’ Data, Passwords, Staff E-mails Compromised; What Next?

ICANN, the global┬ádepository of Internet websites or domain names, has admitted that hackers have penetrated its systems using “spear fishing” in November and compromised staff e-mails, besides . However, it has clarified that the staff , whose emails have been hacked, did not have access to central data services and assured to beef up its security systems further. ICANN (Internet ...

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CBSE to Declare Class 10 Results Country-wide at 4 PM Today; Where to Check?

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has declared the results of Class 10 examinations for Chennai and Trivandrum region on Monday and the results for the rest of the country will be declared at 4 pm today, Tuesday, May 20, 2014. Students can check the result at: www.results.Nic.In, www.Cbseresults.Nic.In www.Cbse.Nic.In. The automated calling system or IVRS is available at ...

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