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From Car Keys to Credit Cards, Apple Watch to Replace Many Hand-held Devices

As Apple’s entry into our lives replaced the age-old walkman to laptop for many daily chores, its latest wearable iWatch will replace car keys and credit cards from your pockets, setting in new life-style the way iPhone did a decade ago with Steve Jobs ushering in a virtual revolution replacing ordinary mobile phones and laptops. Apple CEO Tim Cook told the Telegraph of ...

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No Privacy Concerns If Internet Consumers are Paid Enough, Says Acquity Study

A study conducted by Acquity Group, a digital marketing agency, now part of Accenture Interactive, revealed that if there are more incentives, consumers do not mind providing their personal details and online info, just to save money or for money. But they are more concerned about wearable devices as they can easily be hacked into or accessed with bluetooth devices. ...

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