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Robots can read your face now, but via wearable device

South Korean researchers are a step ahead of their Japanese counterparts when it comes to Internet and future technology options, especially robotics. Making use of their foray into visual medium tech, they have developed a stretchable and transparent sensor that could be installed in robots which can read human facial expressions. The ultra-sensitive sensor, which can be worn by robots, ...

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Tracking Heart Feelings? Indian Scientist Develops ‘Inner You’ (INYU) Wearable Device to Know Heart Status (VIDEO)

To be released into the market soon with a price tag of Rs.9,000, the “Inner You” wearable device developed by Indian-origin researcher Srinivasan Murali, co-founder and CEO of Switzerland-based SmartCardia, can help one track the status of his heart both for medical evaluation and also to assess the emotional status, tracking those who fail love affairs rush to its assistance. ...

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