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Water Ultimate Source of 10 Million Good Bacteria Per Glass, Reveals Study (Video)

In another breakthrough study, Swedish researchers have come out with a new study that throws light on an unbelievable 10 million good bacteria found in a glass of filtered water. No wonder, healthcare specialists insist on drinking more than 3 litres of water daily, which means 120 million bacteria intake amounting to maximum resistance generation in the body making it ...

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Meet Manish Kumar, Pioneer of Self-Assembling Artifical Membrane

Manish Kumar, assistant professor of chemical engineering at Pennsylvania State University, has developed a self-assembling artificial membrane that can be used in fuel separation, water purification, drug supply and DNA recognition. The membrane with lipids or fat molecules and protein-appended molecules that switch water on pure membranes and self-assembles into two-dimensional buildings with parallel channels works just like nature in ...

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