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Bellandur Lake Fire: Javadekar Hints at Banning Phosphates in Detergents

When Bellandur lake with froth made news two years ago, there were expert missions which visited the scene and submitted their report. Again two years ago when the waste from garment units mixed into the lake and caught fire due to methane generated inside, the local IISc scientists visited and submitted their report. The outcome remained lukewarm from the local ...

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Harley Davidson For Police: People Question ‘Make in India’ Drive, Use of ‘Made in India’ Products

Gujarat Police is now proud of being the first Indian state police to receive the Harley Davidson motorbikes to patrol across the state, leaving the spectators envious. But, the people across the country seem to be unhappy with the same and have raised their voice¬†over PM Narendra Modi’s ‘Make in India’ programme. The model Harley Davidson Street 750, which costs ...

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Clean India Call Remains Unheard, Himalayas Turning to be Dumping Yard

The higher reaches of the Himalayas are virtually turning into an open air garbage dump. And Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for cleanliness seems yet to reach these lofty heights. "It’s surprising to see garbage littered here and there in this fragile ecosystem," Aditya Gosh, a tourist from Kolkata, remarked. "It seems the tourists here leave everything except footprints," Ghosh ...

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