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Bahubali: Six Unanswered Questions Make ‘Bahubali 2’ Most-Awaited Film

Now that “Bahubali” has created unprecedented aura around S.S.Rajamouli’s magnum opus that collected Rs.325 crore in 10 days,┬ásome unexplained story links remain to be answered in the next part of the film. Intriguing they are, but┬áthe director could have left them behind intentionally to keep the memory of the audience fresh when the second part is released next year after ...

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Baahubali vs Magadheera: How They Stack Up?

bahubali 2

Director S.S. Rajamouli can proudly look back and say he has top two memorable films made in Telugu which can stand out forever. When his earlier magnum opus “Magadheera” was made, it had brought to the audience the graphics experience, which can overwhelm the quality of any film, supported by rich story and good actors. His unprecedented attempt not merely ...

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