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Did You Know Dengue Can Affect Your Eyesight?

As Dengue cases are soaring high in India, especially in the national capital; another dreadful aspect of it being able to cause loss of eyesight has been discovered. As explained by a research, published in the journal “Survey of Ophthalmology” some ordinary ocular expressions due to dengue are subconjunctival, edema and retinal hemorrhages with symptoms ranging from scotomata, floaters and ...

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Epilepsy drug may protect vision in multiple sclerosis patients: Study

A drug commonly taken to prevent seizures in epilepsy may also protect the eyesight of people with multiple sclerosis (MS), an auto-immune disease in which the body seemingly attacks itself, says a new study by an Indian-origin doctor. The epilepsy drug phenytoin can help prevent nerve damage and blindness in MS, the findings showed. “About half of people with MS ...

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Restoration of Eyesight May be Incomplete in Long-Term Blindness

A new study by the scientists has discovered that the rewiring of the senses that occurs in the brains of the long-term blind means that visual restoration may never be complete. The scientists at the University of Montreal and the University of Trento reveal that surgery cannot completely undo the brain rewiring caused by long-term blindness. “We had the opportunity ...

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