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Ice Crater or Alien City? Ceres Bright Spots Puzzling Still as Dawn Moves Closer (Photos, Video)

Astro-physicists have been waiting for months to unravel the mystery of bright lights on asteroid Ceres and the Dawn spacecraft that is inching closer to its surface is still far from resolving puzzle. Located between Mars and Jupiter, Ceres has its visitor from Earth, NASA’s dawn mission to take the first glimpse and send pictures of the dwarf planet. While ...

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Dawn Closing on Asteroid Ceres Sends Images to Help Study Universe Origin

As Dawn delves into the unknown orbit of Ceres next month, some photos of Ceres with a resolution of 8.5 miles per pixel have revealed the white spots clearly, heightening the mystery surrounding the largest asteroid in the solar family. Part of NASA’s Discovery Program, Dawn has orbited one member of the main asteroid belt, Vesta last year and is now heading ...

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