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Russian Billionaire Milner in Bangalore to Raise Funds for ‘Finding Aliens’ Project

Russian billionaire Yuri Milner who has launched a global search mission for aliens in collaboration with London-based physicist Stephen Hawking sought to raise funds for the program from Indians, especially from tech capital Bangalore on Thursday. Speaking at an event hosted by him, Milner, who is himself a physicist, said making public all data related to alien research far cry ...

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Confidence levels dip among Venture Capitalists in Silicon Valley and China

The Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Confidence Index for the third quarter of 2011, based on a September 2011 survey of 33 San Francisco Bay Area venture capitalists, registered 3.41 on a 5 point scale (with 5 indicating high confidence and 1 indicating low confidence). This quarter’s index dropped significantly from the previous quarter’s reading of 3.66 and marks the second ...

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