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Uwingu Sends 90000 ‘Beam me to Mars’ Messages; To Submit List to US Congress, NASA, UN

Uwingu, the space funding outfit, has reportedly finished sending 88,798 messages it collexcted from earthlings under the “Beam Me To Mars” initiative to send digital radio-wave transmissions of their names, messages and pictures to Mars. The entire transmission will be repeated again, before th copies are sent to the US Congress, to NASA headquarters in Washington, and the United Nations ...

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‘Beam Me to Mars’ Begins Tonight, 88,798 Radio Messages to Hit Mars

Today, earthlings will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first mission to Mars by NASA’s Mariner 4 that was launched on Nov. 28, 1964, by sending about 90,000 messages via radio telescopes to Mars. US space funding company Uwingu, which has organized the extraterrestrial shout-out to mark the 50th anniversary of NASA’s first robotic Mars mission, hopes to raise funds ...

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