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Owl’s ‘Stealth Technology’ May Help Make Aircraft Engines ‘Silent’ by 2030

It has long been a mystery to solve for scientists as to how owls succeed in being such great hunters without letting their preys become even a tad aware of their descent. Earlier this year, in June; researchers from the University of Cambridge and three other US institutes started an experiment to learn the mechanism behind owls’ “silent flight mechanism”. ...

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‘Pill on a string’ Can Identify Oesophageal (Gullet) Cancer: New Study

Researchers from the University of Cambridge have found a new method that will help the doctors to identify oesophageal cancer (gullet cancer) easily. Barrett’s oesophagus – a state where cells within the oesophagus lining starts to change shape and grow unusually, is often the starting point of oesophageal cancer, which a type of cancer that can be hard to treat ...

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