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UK Researchers Develop New Cutting Edge 3-D Microchip for Faster, Future Computing

A new technique has been used to produce a 3-D chip that could revolutionise the next generation of computers by researchers from the University of Exeter in the UK and it would be cheapter than the existing techniques. The devices called optoelectronic materials that produce, detect and control light for the next generation computers has several security features in compliance ...

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UK Researchers Develop New Broccoli Variety to Cut Down Heart Diseases

Researchers have found that a new broccoli variety, which is known for reducing heart diseases, is able to bring down bad cholesterol in blood by 6 percent. The new variety has been developed to contain naturally occurring glucoraphanin by two to three times and is released in the UK supermarkets under the brand name Beneforte. Charlotte Armah from the Institute ...

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Historic Indian sword was masterfully crafted, say Italian, UK researchers

The master craftsmanship behind Indian swords was highlighted when scientists and conservationists from Italy and the UK joined forces to study a curved single-edged sword called a shamsheer. The study, led by Eliza Barzagli of the Institute for Complex Systems and the University of Florence in Italy, is published in Springer’s journal Applied Physics A – Materials Science & Processing. ...

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