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Breast Cancer Breakthrough: Study Finds Trigger Spreading Tumour, Halting it Stems Growth

Once breast cancer is diagnosed, it is a painful rush from pillar to the post for patients and relatives. The Edinburgh University scientists have succeeded in finding a revolutionary approach to stem the growth of the tumour by targeting the disease’s trigger itself. In their lab experiments, researchers have found that blocking the signals in mice with breast cancer can ...

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Cancer Treatment: Researchers Identify 10 New Antibodies

Researchers from Aarhus University in Denmark have identified ten new antibodies that can possibly prevent cancer tumours from growing. The antibodies work by inhibiting the body’s blood vessel formation close to the tumour which is, thereby, cut off from oxygen and nutrient supply. The researchers have tested some of the antibodies on mice and have succeeded in using them to ...

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Tumour Causing Cells MDSC Identified

How the white blood cells cause tumours? This was an imminent probe for long and some scientists have identified the cells  which are behind the cancerous growth of tumours by suppressing the disease-fighting immune system in the body. The results mark a turning point in cancer immunology and provide the foundation for developing more effective therapies and was known earlier that ...

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