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Triclosan, used in toothpaste, handwash, causes cancer, says study but FDA ban far off

Triclosan, an additive used in toothpaste and body soaps, will affect liver with increased toxicity and may even cause liver fibrosis and cancer, said another study adding more tooth to FDA scanner that is weighing with the option of its ban. Long-term exposure to triclosan in soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and other household items as an anti-bacterial may cause liver fibrosis ...

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Colgate Total contains cancerous Triclosan, says report; Colgate & Palmolive Denies findings

Colgate Total, one of the popular toothpaste brands in the world, contains triclosan, a harmful ingredient, according to a new study by experts and  Bloomberg.com. The new revelation said the Colgate-Palmolive Company product contained triclosan, an antibacterial chemical linked to cancer and some growth-related problems in animals. Colgate Total received the US regulator FDA nod in 1997 for Colgate Total ...

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