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NASA Embarks on Tracking Hurricanes with Remote-Controlled ‘Global Hawk’

global hawk

Remote-controlled aircraft mimicking an unmanned drone will be sent this weekend to space by NASA in a first of its kind to intensely track and provide forecast of the movements and consolidation of hurricanes on the seas, in an ambitious project named Global Hawk. To be airborne until September, the global Hawk aircraft will fly essentially on the Atlantic Ocean ...

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Google Gets Patent for ‘Fragrance Emission Device’ That Can Also Track You Forever

Google has been awarded a patent for a “fragrance emission device” that can be worn inside the dress to keep the bad odor of the body under control or send out fragrance for people nearby. But, more than that Google is actually goggling at detecting a user’s location, surroundings and his need to locate or ward off friends and enemies. ...

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Ancient Pythagoras theorem helpful to track patient’s health recovery, prove scientists

A team of medical researchers has found that the 2,500-year-old Pythagoras theorem could be the most effective way to identify the point at which a patient’s health begins to improve. According to the theorem, in a right-angled triangle, the sum of the squares of the two right-angled sides is equal to the square of it’s hypotenuse. In other words, one can ...

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Smartphones Detect Cosmic Rays, Potential Use in Nuclear Warfare?

Scientists have confirmed that a smartphone can detect very high-energy cosmic rays that hit the Earth from space, unfolding huge potential that can be tapped for use in case of a nuclear attack or leak that was witnessed in Japan in 2011 after tsunami. Researchers from University of California have tested that a smartphone camera can detect high energy photons ...

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