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Microsoft EDU Live Tonight to Launch Windows Cloud OS

Microsoft is expected to launch its Windows cloud OS at its Microsoft EDU event today, Tuesday, May 2, 2017, besides launching a new laptop to compete with Apple’s MacBook and Google’s Chromebook laptops. The highly-expected launch of Windows 10 Cloud operating system, aimed at low-end education segment will be the rival of Chromebook from Google. The Microsoft EDU event will ...

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Windows 10 Launch: What to Expect Today?

Microsoft will unveil its official Windows 10 amid hue and cry from competitors over certain features but the event will finally spell-bound all as it spells a major shift from erstwhile PC-centric computing to both PC and mobile-compliant versions. Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters will be watched not only by enterprise customers but also numerous mobile makers all over the world for ...

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IIFA 2014: Bollywood’s Awards Show Finale in Florida, Full List, Details

Bollywood’s foreign junta extravaganza IIFA 2014 (International Indian Film Academy Awards 2014) entered its finale on the fourth day with John Travolta and Priyanka Chopra dancing on the stage for the first time showcasing the fusion of Hollywood and Bollywood in Tampa Bay, Florida, US, where it is being held for the first time. The show that is expected to ...

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