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World Lung Foundation Asks Indian Govt to go for Large Graphic ads on Tobacco

The US-based World Lung Foundation has asked the Indian government not buckle under tobacco industry lobby and implement large graphic health warnings on cigarette and tobacco packs immediately in view of Sunita’s revelations. Sunita Tomar, who underwent major surgery for oral cancer came out against tobacco in a Public Service Announcement (PSA) to help prevent others from suffering similar fate. ...

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Scientists Discover New Effective Nicotine Vaccine to Help Smokers Quit

A new effective nicotine vaccine to help smokers and drug addicts overcome their addiction has been discovered by a team of researchers. The team has proved that the structures of molecules used in vaccines are critical. According to researcher Kim Janda, Professor of chemistry at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI), the “study provides new hope that one could make a ...

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Smoking Can Hamper Treatment for Alcoholism

A new study has shown that smoking can inhibit the success of treatment for alcohol abuse, putting people who are addicted to both tobacco and alcohol in a double bind. According to the findings by the University of Buffalo’ Research Institute on Addictions (RIA) in the US, people who smoke have shorter stays in alcohol treatment programmes than non-smokers and ...

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