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Sheena Bora Murder Case: Timeline, Unknown Facts and Intriguing Unanswered Questions

The Sheena Bora murder is getting more mysterious. Celebrity cases are not uncommon for Mumbai. Love, lust, booze, money, affairs, sex, and drugs are the ingredients of the entertainment capital of India that revolves around Bollywood and brand makers. Also read: Sanjeev Khanna Confesses The Sheena murder is case is no less than a bollywood blockbuster, as it involves high-profile ...

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Nepal Earthquake: Quick Timeline of Past Quakes in Himalayan Region

At least four people were killed and several injured when a 7.5 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal and caused widespread devastation this morning. One person was killed in an old building collapse in front of the Indian consulate in Kathmandu and at least three people were confirmed killed elsewhere. Different buildings, including the walls surrounding Nepal’s royal palace, collapsed and more ...

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What Happened Since Salman Khan’s 2002 Hit and Run Accident

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It’s curtains down on Salman Khan with the final verdict on May 6 in the 13-year-old hit-and-run case involving Bollywood actor Salman Khan, in which one person was killed and four injured. The announcement was made today, Tuesday, a day after the prosecution, led by special public prosecutor Pradeep Gharat, and the defence team led by Shrikant Shivade completed their ...

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Lizard Squad ? Who are they? Pro-US Hackers ?

Lizard Squad that was behind cyber attacks on sony Playstation and Microsoft Xbox is back again this time not on video console makers but on Lenovo for wilfully compromising its Lenovo laptop users to “Superfish” add-on that makes the system vulnerable to steaing encrypted information. The squad consisting of 7 members is a black hat hacking group, known for their ...

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