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Xiaomi Goes Bold and Beautiful with Mi TV 3, Ninebot Mini Scooter

Chinese mobile phone maker has been expanding its range of devices from its highly popular budget smartphones to TVs, water purifiers, and now a self-balancing mini scooter called the Ninebot mini. The device is a self-balancing scooter which is compact, lightweight and shoulder-width length. It has been built by aerospace-grade magnesium alloy infrastructure and weighs just 12.8 kilograms. The Ninebot ...

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Small children who watch TV more, start to speak late and slow

Small Children who watch television for more time will cannot speak properly says Research experts. Children who watch TV more will not speak to their elders at home, whether its either parents to grand parents. Listening,speaking and observation techniques reduce. Washington university Research expert reports says children talking or listening to parents has come down to as low as 7% ...

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