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ASTROSAT Sends First Space Telegram to ISRO

Indian Space Research Organisation has received the first astroronomer’s telegram (Atel no. 8185) from the Scanning Sky Monitor (SSM) observations oard the first astronomy satellite Astrosat. "The first Astroronomer’s telegram (Atel no. 8185) on SSM observations of GRS 1915+105 released on 18 October 2015," said ISRO in its statement on October 19. The Scanning sky Monitor (SSM) was pointed to ...

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Nation Bids Goodbye to 135-Year-Old Money Order by Post

April 4: A 135-year-old legacy comes to an end! Like in the case of the telegram, India Post has quietly discontinued the traditional money order service, which was an integral part of the department since 1880, facilitating pan-India door-delivery of funds to a payee from over 155,000 post offices. In an era of instant communications, the traditional money transfer facility has ...

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