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Pre-Mature Babies Exposed to Mozart Music Gain Desired Weight Faster: Study

Researchers  from Tel Aviv University found that premature babies who are exposed to music by 18th-century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gain weight faster — and therefore become stronger — than those who don’t. The study by Dr. Dror Mandel and Dr. Ronit Lubetzky of the Tel Aviv Medical Center affiliated with Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of Medicine has found that ...

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Smoking Pot May Help Mend Cracked Bones, Finds Study Blinking on Bad Effects

Despite UN reports and warnings against drug addiction, especially teenagers and young adults taking to marijuana, cocaine, and other forms on an alarming level, an Israeli study tried to put some rare benefits of it in a move to counter the criticism. The study by Israeli scientists has shown that smoking weed may help in curing broken bones. The team from Tel ...

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Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales among Israel’s 2015 Dan David Prize winners

Jimmy Wales, co-founder of the ubiquitous online encyclopedia Wikipedia, is among the three winners of the 2015 Dan David Prize, which annually bestows three awards of $1 million each. The announcement by Tel Aviv University said the laureates, who donate 10% of their prize money towards doctoral and postdoctoral Tel Aviv University scholarships, will be honored at a ceremony on ...

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