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Diabetes: Tattoo offers needle-free way to monitor sugar levels now


Thanks to research, monitoring diabetes has changed from the painful old blood tests to one-sting tests currently but moving ahead, a non-invasive glucose-testing for diabetes patients has been developed in the form of a temporary tattoo that extracts and measures the level of glucose in the fluid in between skin cells. “The readout instrument for patients will eventually have Bluetooth ...

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Tattoo-like ‘electronic skin’ wear detects heart attacks, epilepsy, skin dehydration

Here is a tattoo-like thin wearable device that can detect heart attacks, Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy attacks, store your body information and deliver medicine to your body, besides collecting patient health, treatment and monitoring at one time. Researchers in the US have created an ‘electronic skin’ that can store and transmit data about a person’s movements, receive diagnostic information and ...

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