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Survey Reveals 68% Yet to Use Mobile-Based Financial Services

Amdocs has released the results from a new global survey around mobile financial services (MFS) which revealed that more than 68 percent of the respondents have yet to use mobile financial services, and that new innovative solutions for savings, loans, and insurance will drive the next phase of mobile financial services growth across emerging and mature markets. Conducted by analyst ...

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‘Invisible Man’ Becomes Reality in Swedish Lab, How?

The invisibility has long fascinated man and many great authors and philosophers. The history of literature features many narrations of invisibility such as the myth of Gyges’ ring in Plato’s dialogue The Republic and the science fiction novel The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells. In a rare re-creation of the century-old fantasy, Swedish scientists have created a perceptual illusion of having ...

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Vaccine found to suppress tumor growth and spreading of breast cancer: Study

Researchers from Uppsala University found that a therapeutic vaccine directed against tumor vessels can reduce tumor burden and suppress formation of spontaneous lung metastases in a mouse model for metastatic breast cancer. The target molecule of the immunization strategy is the extra domain-A (ED-A) of fibronectin, a protein domain which is highly selective for the tumor vasculature in the adult. ...

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