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Meet Krtin Nithiyanandam, Indian boy behind new test to detect Alzheimer’s early

Indian boy in Britain has developed a simple test to detect Alzheimer’s disease, which hinders memory and cognition features in brain as people age. The device will detect the first symptom of Alzheimer’s will 10 years in advance. Krtin Nithiyanandam, 15, from Epsom, Surrey, has developed a ‘trojan horse’ anti-body that can enter the brain and get itself attached to ...

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PSLV C28 Mission Accomplished, All 5 Satellites Lofted with Precision

ISRO successfully launched the PSLV C-28 on time at 9:58 PM and it lofted off all the five satellites in their respective orbits as scheduled within 19 minutes, letting ISRO chief A.S. Krishna Kumar announce that it was “an achievement” for the Indian space agency. The lift-off process has began with the First Stage Ignition followed by Strap-on 1.2 Ignition ...

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