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Robotics Help Apollo Hospital Save 65 Children’s Lives with Delicate Surgeries

Chennai-based Apollo Children’s Hospital has treated children from countries as diverse as Dubai and Uzbekistan with the help of robotics, the first hospital to integrate hi-tech with treatment, it said. Surgeries performed at the Children’s Hospital using the da Vinci robot provides advantages suchh as quicker discharge time, minimal scarring, smaller incisions and less blood loss that conventional laparoscopy offers ...

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Heart Disease in Children: 3D-Printed Technology Can Lower Surgeries

Heart surgeries in children with congenital heart disease could be reduced if 3D-printed models of patients’ hearts could be used to plan their treatment in advance, says in a recent study by researchers. Children with congenital heart disease often need up to four open heart surgeries at different times of life. “The 3D-printed copy of the heart could reduce this ...

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