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Vitamin E deficiency can damage brain: Study

Eating diets rich in vitamin E can help you stay sharp as researchers have found that deficiency of this vitamin may cause damage to brain cells. Vitamin E deficiency may interrupt a supply line of specific nutrients and rob the brain of the “building blocks” it needs to maintain neuronal health, the findings showed. “This research showed that vitamin E ...

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Drinking green tea better than taking supplements

If you are planning to take supplements based on green tea extracts as a measure to lose weight, think again. Researchers have warned that the supplements could result in harmful side effects including liver toxicity. Drinking green tea, instead of taking the supplements, could help you enjoy the benefits associated with the beverage while avoiding the risk of liver toxicity, ...

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Ayurveda Remedy in New Turmeric pills to boost immunity, combat diseases

Advocated in ancient Hindu medicine Ayurveda, a compound found in turmeric may soon be available in the form of daily pills to boost the immunity among people and help them combat inflammation in the body. A modified formulation of curcumin, a naturally occurring compound found in turmeric, releases its anti-inflammatory goodness throughout the body, the findings showed. It also lowers inflammation, ...

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