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Ice Crater or Alien City? Ceres Bright Spots Puzzling Still as Dawn Moves Closer (Photos, Video)

Astro-physicists have been waiting for months to unravel the mystery of bright lights on asteroid Ceres and the Dawn spacecraft that is inching closer to its surface is still far from resolving puzzle. Located between Mars and Jupiter, Ceres has its visitor from Earth, NASA’s dawn mission to take the first glimpse and send pictures of the dwarf planet. While ...

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Vitamin E deficiency can damage brain: Study

Eating diets rich in vitamin E can help you stay sharp as researchers have found that deficiency of this vitamin may cause damage to brain cells. Vitamin E deficiency may interrupt a supply line of specific nutrients and rob the brain of the “building blocks” it needs to maintain neuronal health, the findings showed. “This research showed that vitamin E ...

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Indian Origin Scientist Makes Mobile LCD Displays Brighter Now

Those with mobiles on sunny streets must have encountered the problem of dim or dead LCD displays and virtually scurrying for cover to see their small screens and SMS messages or contact numbers on smartphones. Soon, they will be relieved with the new invention made by an Indian-origin scientist and his team. Indian-American scientist Rajesh Menon of Utah Univesity and ...

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