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Heart Attack, Stroke Within 1 Hour After Alcohol Consumption Likely, Warn Researchers

Many heart attacks reported immediately after alcohol consumption has been proved again and even moderate levels of consumption may double the risk of heart attack and stroke within an hour after drinking, a new study has showed. After analyzing data from 23 studies involving 30,000 participants in the hours and days after drinking alcohol, Elizabeth Mostofsky from Harvard TH Chan ...

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Vitamin C Found to be Equivalent to Daily Exercise in Obese People

Vitamin C, known for its vital benefits in curbing scurvy and anemic conditions is known to have also similar cardiovascular benefits that one gets by daily exercise. However, it may not replace exercise but certainly supplements for obese and old people, say scientists. Available in citrous fruits such as lemons, oranges, amla among others, vitamin C can mimic the the ...

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One in 4 Saudis Face Heart Attack in 10 years: Study

One in four adults in Saudi Arabia may face heart attack within the next 10 years, said research presented at the 26th Annual Conference of the Saudi Heart Association (SHA), opened today in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The conference features sessions from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) on hot topics in cardiovascular disease including prevention.1 Dr Muhammad Adil Soofi, first ...

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