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Bellandur Lake Fire: Javadekar Hints at Banning Phosphates in Detergents

When Bellandur lake with froth made news two years ago, there were expert missions which visited the scene and submitted their report. Again two years ago when the waste from garment units mixed into the lake and caught fire due to methane generated inside, the local IISc scientists visited and submitted their report. The outcome remained lukewarm from the local ...

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MAVEN completes 1000 Orbits on Mars as ISRO’s Mangalyaan gives company

NASA scientists are upbeat over the Mars mission MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) completing the 1000 orbiting circles in 200 days to be precise since September 5 last year, around the same time when India’s successful Mangalyaan mission also entered the Martian orbit to give it company. Launched by Indian space agency ISRO, Mangalyaan is carrying 5 instruments that ...

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Green Alien Eggs Spotted on Sydney Beach Could be Algae Seaweed Hairballs?

Morning Bay Watchers at the Sydney Beach were stunned to find round green algae-like eggs spread over in thousands ashore and some sufers say they are alien eggs left behind by Unidentified Flying Objects of UFOs. Found in Dee Why, on Sydney’s North Shore, the overnight appearance of the alien eggs are brushed aside as mere sponge-like seaweed that forms ...

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