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NASA Embarks on Tracking Hurricanes with Remote-Controlled ‘Global Hawk’

global hawk

Remote-controlled aircraft mimicking an unmanned drone will be sent this weekend to space by NASA in a first of its kind to intensely track and provide forecast of the movements and consolidation of hurricanes on the seas, in an ambitious project named Global Hawk. To be airborne until September, the global Hawk aircraft will fly essentially on the Atlantic Ocean ...

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Cyber Terrorism, Asteroids, and Solar Flares – It’s time to gear up for any eventuality

In August, a massive solar flare interfered with satellite and radio communications around the globe. Less than three months later, an asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier whizzed by Earth close enough to remind us of how the dinosaurs met their end. Then in mid-November, it appears that the nation experienced its first cyber attack on a public utility ...

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