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Pathogens in Otzi, the Iceman, Similar to Modern Human, Say Surprised Scientists

Remember the Copper Age man Otzi, found in a mummified form in a glacier in 1991 and becoming a key study point for scientists around the world? Now scientists found pathogens in his stomach with Helicobacter pylori bacterium, which is present even to this day in humans. A global team of scientists working with paleopathologist Albert Zink and microbiologist Frank ...

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Tricks and Tips for a toned stomach

Los Angeles, April 7 : Crop tops are a must-have fashion trend this season, but before you choose to flaunt them, get rid of your belly fat. Try torso rotations or leg lifts for a toned stomach. Femalefirst.co.uk lists four exercises, along with some cardio and healthy eating tips that can help in getting abs in no time. * Torso ...

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