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World’s Tiniest MicroHammer Developed to Study Brain Cells During Accident


Researchers at University of California, Santa Barbara in the US have built what they called a MicroHammer, the world’s tiniest hammer to measure brain cells undergo change during traumatic injuries after accidents or due to diseases like Alzheimer’s. When head injuries take place, crack, accompanied by shock and swelling or a minor bump or visible scrape on the outside of ...

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Daily Aspirin Mantra Acts on Breast Cancer too, Says Study

Aspirin has long been seen as an anti-coagulent and heart-friendly medicine but now studies show that a daily dose of aspirin may curb the growth of breast cancer or tumour. Indian-origin scientist Dr Sushanta Banerjee from the Kansas City Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the team found that aspirin is able to create a non-conducive conditions around cancer stem cells ...

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Stem Cells to Enhance Cardiac Repair, Reverse Injury

Delivering stem cells directly into damaged heart muscle after a heart attack may help repair and regenerate injured tissue, according to a study. “Our discoveries offer insight into the power of stem cells to regenerate damaged muscle after a heart attack,” said lead study author Kenneth Fish from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. However, in the study, researchers ...

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First human mini stomach developed with stem cells; to help treat stomach cancer

Moving over from artificially induced tubes int stomach for feeding while seriously ill, externally grown miniature stomachs in the lab will replace the tubes inside your body, going by the latest successful stem cell innovation. Scientists at Stanford University in California have grown miniature stomachs in the lab from human stem cells, just like it grows in an embryo. The ...

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Indian-Origin Scientist Genetically Engineers Stem Cells to Treat Brain Tumors

Scientists, led by Indian-origin researcher Khalid Shah, have gnetically engineered toxin-xevreting stem cells to eradicate brain cancer in mouse, heraling a new and innovative method to take the fight aginst cancer further. Shah, a Harvard Stem Cell Institute scientist at Massachusetts General Hospital, said he team has devised a new way to use stem cells in the fight against brain ...

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