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Arthritis: 3-D Hip Joint Ball Developed from Stem Cells Successfully

To treat arthritis in hips that requires extensive surgery to replace them, scientists have programmed stem stells to grow new cartilage on a 3-D template shaped like the hip joint ball. Further, they have activated the new cartilage to fend off return of arthritis by releasing anti-inflammatory molecules from the new cartilage. Developed by Washington University School of Medicine in ...

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Own Stem Cells Repair Affected Cornea in Experiment; No Eye Donations in Future?

A joint study of the Indian and American stem cell researchers has achieved a breakthrough that stem cells in eye possess the ability to restore eye health back to original status even after getting affected by scarring or whitening of the cornea that leads to blindness. In their experiment, the scientists retrieved stromal stem cells from the limbus or area ...

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