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CSE vs CSIR on CNG vs Diesel Buses: Will CSIR Wake up to CSE’s Counter Facts?

In a shocking report, the government research agency CSIR said in a study that the CNG-powered buses emit fine nanocarbon particles which may cause cancer, thus defeating the very purpose of promoting them as environment-friendly transportation system, especially in Delhi. Before the final report was published, the revelation of primary facts has raised the eye-brows and Delhi-based Centre for Science ...

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Health Minister Asks Doctors to Advise Patients to Exercise More, Unhappy with MCI

Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare, has told doctors at the capital’s Safdarjung Hospital to ensure that a patient does not return to the hospital after recovery. “For this the doctor should educate the patient on the lifestyle to adopt so as to avoid falling ill again,” he said addressing his fellow doctors community. About 80 ...

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